Student Leaders Drive Leadership Forum at Melbourne… | Siena College
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"On Wednesday, 5 June, several Year 12 members of the Student Representative Council had the privilege of visiting Melbourne Girls' College for a leadership day, alongside students from various other Melbourne secondary schools. This program was entirely designed and initiated by student leadership teams, with student leaders facilitating the day and running the sessions, making it a truly student driven forum. The day featured inspiring guest speakers, including Simon Asher, a Water Polo Olympian (1988 and 1992 Olympics) and Kevin Xiao, an esteemed Australian economist, educator, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Additionally, the program included activities focused on different types of leadership and the skills associated with them.

It was an incredible day filled with meaningful engagement and valuable learning experiences alongside students from other schools. We exchanged our experiences and insights on leadership within our own school communities and explored how to apply these essential skills in our personal lives."

- Community Engagement Leader, Charlie B

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