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Giving Day 2021 - Give Possibility

In 2019, the Be All You Can Be Giving Day campaign raised $135,000 to establish our Equity Scholarship Program and provide the gift of a Siena education to three needs-based young women.

On Tuesday, 5 October this year, we will hold our second Giving Day to once again show our support for those who are most in need at this time. The 24-Hour Give Possibility campaign will provide the opportunity for three girls from socially and economically diverse backgrounds to receive a Siena education.

We ask our community to come together and embrace the possibility of giving a truly invaluable gift. In these times of uncertainty and economic upheaval for some, please know that every little bit helps and all donations, big or small, are truly appreciated. At this time, your circumstances may prevent you contributing and that is completely understood. For others whose circumstances allow, your contribution will show your support in enabling a Siena education for others.

Every donation made on Giving Day will be DOUBLED by our generous matching donors (i.e. if you give $50 it becomes $100, a gift of $500 becomes $1,000!). If you are able, please join us on Tuesday, 5 October and give the gift of possibility.

Click here to learn more about our Giving Day.

Tracey Grobbelaar

Director of Development and Community Relations
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