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Congratulations to Head of Albertus Magnus Learning Centre, Roxanne Summer on being nominated for the Creative and Innovative Teachers Award at Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS).

In today's Spotlight on Siena Staff, Roxanne shares with us her passion for learning and teaching, as well as promoting innovative ways of thinking to our students here at Siena.

What do you love most about teaching/working as an educator?

I love learning new things alongside my students. It is important to model risk taking and failure, and how to learn from every wondering.

What motivates you in your line of work?

I hope to show students new ways of thinking. Often this promotes students to see themselves in different ways and beyond subject boundaries. By connecting subject knowledge with ways of learning, students can feel empowered to go in any direction they choose in the future.

Quotes that you live by (if any).

“I don’t know everything, but I can always connect you with someone who is an expert in that area."

I see myself as a guide, connecting students to knowledge and providing learning experiences.

Where did you study / have you completed any further study since your Bachelors degree?

    I have completed a Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Education (Secondary) and Master of Education (teacher librarianship) with distinction. Each qualification built upon the last and has helped me have a varied and interesting career.

    Outline initiative and programs you have established at Siena College (if any).

      Growing the area of digital fabrication (3D printing and laser cutting etc.) and introducing a new Year 10 STEAM curriculum.

      List any conferences/seminars that you have been invited to (be a guest speaker / give a presentation on a particular topic).

        I have spoken at various conferences and will be presenting on the topic of 'Making makerspace: From the ground up', in June this year at the National Education Summit.

        How has teaching/working in a Catholic single sex school influenced your own faith journey?

          Even though I am of a different faith, I am constantly drawing similarities between the Catholic faith and my own faith during my time here at Siena. Being in a faith based school allows me to be part of a community and be surrounded by a culture of kindness.

          What advice would you give to your younger self starting out in the system?

            This will be my twentieth year in education. My advice for younger self is “You are not meant to know everything; you are teaching students how to learn, through the lens of your content. You are not just transferring knowledge.”

            What do you think is Siena College’s unique selling point?

              The size and facilities of Siena are perfect to nurture and grow all students. The teachers are collaborative, meaning we teach the whole child, not just different subjects. The values of Siena allow students to see the world beyond themselves and encourage them to ensure they have a meaningful role in the world.

              Spotlight on Siena Staff is an ongoing series of short videos and articles capturing the reflections, motivations and advice from some of our amazing Siena College staff.

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